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How to choose Canada toll free number - Factors and features

With the evolvement of telephone marketing business, this is a proven fact that toll free numbers are the backbone of any business. In the modern era, the industries are transforming their business into the virtual platform. The reason behind is that virtual platform needs comparatively less human intervention, So it is more cost-effective to the companies.
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Toll-free number-Need of the modern business
For example, there is an organization who provides forex trading consulting to their clients. If this organization works in a traditional manner, they have to invest a huge amount in infrastructure and manpower, this will increase their cost of services to the clients. On the other hand, if this organization performs their business on the virtual platform, They can save huge chunks of their funds. Since their most of the clients need online services so it is unnecessary to invest in physical infrastructure. In such a case the organization needs a toll free number to make their appearance more professional. 

Integral part of E-commerce business model   
Today anyone can start their business by just having a website. But to make their business professional one should own a toll free number. If you have an E-commerce business, you can get customer feedback on the toll free numbers. If you are a service provider, customers can get support and register their complaints over the free toll free number.
Having toll free numbers shows the devotion of the company towards their clients as well as increases the brand value of the company.  Canada is no exception to this phenomenon. Having international toll free numbers in Canada is beneficial for the organizations which deal in Canada.
 While choosing toll free number service in Canada one should keep the following factors in their mind.
  • When we talk about business, the cost is the prime factor to decide. Toll free number services must be cost-effective; a client should do deep research to find cheap toll free numbers in Canada.
  • Clients must have the freedom to set inbound calls as per their business hours as well as there must be multiple options for designing the call flow as per the organization’s need. So that there wouldn’t any chance of losing any lead during the unavailability of a particular executive.
  • The toll free service must be enabled with the IVR prompt menu. To have this feature client can reduce involvements of human resource, as well as it gives a more professional look to the organization.
  • There must be a feature to play the music while callers are on hold. If Clients can set their official theme music, this will be an added feature for the clients.
  • If you have clients around all over the world then you must have the service which supports inbound calls from all countries. Toll free numbers are really helpful for international clients because now they can call without any fear of pocket draining international call charges.
  • The toll free number services must provide early activation. Most of the services, process activation in a single day. Early activation leads to more business hours.
  • Easy to downloadable call details feature must be equipped for a class service. This feature enables to client download call logs in real time and keeps track of leads and gets the fruitful conversion.
  • Having click to call feature is a necessary feature for web and phone app based organizations. This feature increase leads for the business.  
  • The service provider must provide freedom to their clients to set the unlimited number of extensions. So that there would be no hassle to expand the size of your business.    

 Clients must be very careful while choosing their service provider. Toll free phone number Canada is important for the clients who run their business in Canada or targeting Canadian citizens to sell their services or products. Keep the above factors in your mind while choosing the toll free service provider. If your service provider fulfills these criteria then you can opt for their services. These are the must have features for a toll free service. Toll free number services are the interface of an organization to its clients. In the current scenario when the world is tending towards virtual offices, the importance of toll free numbers is astounding.


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