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Canada Toll-Free Number - Buy Best Toll-Free Services

With the development of technology, the importance of virtual offices and call centers are increasing day by day. In a current cut throat competitive market organizations don’t want to put their resources in heavy infrastructures. If you own a business or a service provider in Canada, you must know factors before thinking about how to choose Canada toll free number.
Having toll free numbers are very important for a professional organization today.   Toll free numbers are the backbone of the business. Toll-free numbers bridge the gap between customers and organizations by removing the fear of the cost factor from the customer’s mind. It generates vital business leads. Customers can ask a query or register their complaints on toll free numbers.


 Set up a Virtual office with toll free numbers:

In current times anyone can start their business without having a real office. In such a case having a toll free number gives your organization a professional look. Now a person can deal his business from their apartment with toll free number. A toll free number with cloud infrastructure provides freedom to business owners to receive a call from anywhere in the world. Toll free numbers with cloud technology is called VOIP service. VoIP calls are far better than normal calls in terms of quality. With advanced features of VoIP, a person can set up a virtual office with less effort.
Toll free number provides a professional look to the business. Call forwarding feature ensures incoming calls get transferred on one extension to another until a call is responded.       
You can also choose numbers that are easy to remember or related to your business. For example, high volume business like taxi service and pizza delivery service needs repeat number series. So that it leaves an impression on the mind of people easily.
If your business runs over the multiple countries then you need to choose Toll free numbers services provider who provides service across the globe. International toll free number service is designed for all business segments as well as for personal use also.

Setup your own virtual office with our products:

VoIP- To make cheap and quality calls to the clients VoIP IS a must-have product for a virtual office.
Toll free numbers- Having a toll free number provide your upper hand on your competitor. It helps to generate vital leads and open a new door of communication with your clients. You can choose a vanity number if you find it supportive of business.
International DID- Direct inward calling is mandatory for business so that you don’t lose any call irrespective of the availability of resources. Prompt response creates good impressions on clients.
Call forwarding- In this feature, an incoming call gets forwarded from one extension to the other extensions until someone picks it up.
Call conferencing – This feature is necessary for the client so that they can avoid their time and money spent on physical meetings. With our call, conferencing service clients can connect up to 50 associates at a time.
With our advanced service, anyone can set up their virtual office and call center. We provide shared as well as dedicated hosting for personal or small and big organizations. Toll free numbers are the backbone of the business. So it is very important to choose a service provider which is suitable for your need. If you are doing business in Canada then Travers telecom is the best option for you.

Factors to watch out while choosing cheap toll free number in Canada  

Cost of service- For any business cost is the prime factor. We provide the best price in the industry.
Freedom for designing call flow – Client must have the freedom to choose the timing of the incoming call as per their business hours.
IVR service- IVR service adds the more professional feature to your business. A customized IVR prompt message reduces human intervention.
Support inbound calls from all countries- For international business, this is one of the most important factor.
Early activation- Before choosing your service provider check for activation time they need to set up your toll free number service. Traverse telecom activates toll free number service within minutes.
Other important features- Click to call service for app based business, downloadable call log details service, play music while holding the call these are small features but add significant value to the service.
Toll free numbers are the face of the organization for their customers. Traverse Telecom provides Toll free services that are loaded with all of the above features.  


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Canada Toll-Free Number - Buy Best Toll-Free Services

With the development of technology, the importance of virtual offices and call centers are increasing day by day. In a current cut throat...