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Canada Toll-Free Number - Buy Best Toll-Free Services

With the development of technology, the importance of virtual offices and call centers are increasing day by day. In a current cut throat competitive market organizations don’t want to put their resources in heavy infrastructures. If you own a business or a service provider in Canada, you must know factors before thinking about how to choose Canada toll free number.
Having toll free numbers are very important for a professional organization today.   Toll free numbers are the backbone of the business. Toll-free numbers bridge the gap between customers and organizations by removing the fear of the cost factor from the customer’s mind. It generates vital business leads. Customers can ask a query or register their complaints on toll free numbers.


 Set up a Virtual office with toll free numbers:

In current times anyone can start their business without having a real office. In such a case having a toll free number gives your organization a professional look. Now a person can deal his business from their apartment with toll free number. A toll free number with cloud infrastructure provides freedom to business owners to receive a call from anywhere in the world. Toll free numbers with cloud technology is called VOIP service. VoIP calls are far better than normal calls in terms of quality. With advanced features of VoIP, a person can set up a virtual office with less effort.
Toll free number provides a professional look to the business. Call forwarding feature ensures incoming calls get transferred on one extension to another until a call is responded.       
You can also choose numbers that are easy to remember or related to your business. For example, high volume business like taxi service and pizza delivery service needs repeat number series. So that it leaves an impression on the mind of people easily.
If your business runs over the multiple countries then you need to choose Toll free numbers services provider who provides service across the globe. International toll free number service is designed for all business segments as well as for personal use also.

Setup your own virtual office with our products:

VoIP- To make cheap and quality calls to the clients VoIP IS a must-have product for a virtual office.
Toll free numbers- Having a toll free number provide your upper hand on your competitor. It helps to generate vital leads and open a new door of communication with your clients. You can choose a vanity number if you find it supportive of business.
International DID- Direct inward calling is mandatory for business so that you don’t lose any call irrespective of the availability of resources. Prompt response creates good impressions on clients.
Call forwarding- In this feature, an incoming call gets forwarded from one extension to the other extensions until someone picks it up.
Call conferencing – This feature is necessary for the client so that they can avoid their time and money spent on physical meetings. With our call, conferencing service clients can connect up to 50 associates at a time.
With our advanced service, anyone can set up their virtual office and call center. We provide shared as well as dedicated hosting for personal or small and big organizations. Toll free numbers are the backbone of the business. So it is very important to choose a service provider which is suitable for your need. If you are doing business in Canada then Travers telecom is the best option for you.

Factors to watch out while choosing cheap toll free number in Canada  

Cost of service- For any business cost is the prime factor. We provide the best price in the industry.
Freedom for designing call flow – Client must have the freedom to choose the timing of the incoming call as per their business hours.
IVR service- IVR service adds the more professional feature to your business. A customized IVR prompt message reduces human intervention.
Support inbound calls from all countries- For international business, this is one of the most important factor.
Early activation- Before choosing your service provider check for activation time they need to set up your toll free number service. Traverse telecom activates toll free number service within minutes.
Other important features- Click to call service for app based business, downloadable call log details service, play music while holding the call these are small features but add significant value to the service.
Toll free numbers are the face of the organization for their customers. Traverse Telecom provides Toll free services that are loaded with all of the above features.  

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

How to choose Canada toll free number - Factors and features

With the evolvement of telephone marketing business, this is a proven fact that toll free numbers are the backbone of any business. In the modern era, the industries are transforming their business into the virtual platform. The reason behind is that virtual platform needs comparatively less human intervention, So it is more cost-effective to the companies.
Toll Free Number - Traversetelecom

Toll-free number-Need of the modern business
For example, there is an organization who provides forex trading consulting to their clients. If this organization works in a traditional manner, they have to invest a huge amount in infrastructure and manpower, this will increase their cost of services to the clients. On the other hand, if this organization performs their business on the virtual platform, They can save huge chunks of their funds. Since their most of the clients need online services so it is unnecessary to invest in physical infrastructure. In such a case the organization needs a toll free number to make their appearance more professional. 

Integral part of E-commerce business model   
Today anyone can start their business by just having a website. But to make their business professional one should own a toll free number. If you have an E-commerce business, you can get customer feedback on the toll free numbers. If you are a service provider, customers can get support and register their complaints over the free toll free number.
Having toll free numbers shows the devotion of the company towards their clients as well as increases the brand value of the company.  Canada is no exception to this phenomenon. Having international toll free numbers in Canada is beneficial for the organizations which deal in Canada.
 While choosing toll free number service in Canada one should keep the following factors in their mind.
  • When we talk about business, the cost is the prime factor to decide. Toll free number services must be cost-effective; a client should do deep research to find cheap toll free numbers in Canada.
  • Clients must have the freedom to set inbound calls as per their business hours as well as there must be multiple options for designing the call flow as per the organization’s need. So that there wouldn’t any chance of losing any lead during the unavailability of a particular executive.
  • The toll free service must be enabled with the IVR prompt menu. To have this feature client can reduce involvements of human resource, as well as it gives a more professional look to the organization.
  • There must be a feature to play the music while callers are on hold. If Clients can set their official theme music, this will be an added feature for the clients.
  • If you have clients around all over the world then you must have the service which supports inbound calls from all countries. Toll free numbers are really helpful for international clients because now they can call without any fear of pocket draining international call charges.
  • The toll free number services must provide early activation. Most of the services, process activation in a single day. Early activation leads to more business hours.
  • Easy to downloadable call details feature must be equipped for a class service. This feature enables to client download call logs in real time and keeps track of leads and gets the fruitful conversion.
  • Having click to call feature is a necessary feature for web and phone app based organizations. This feature increase leads for the business.  
  • The service provider must provide freedom to their clients to set the unlimited number of extensions. So that there would be no hassle to expand the size of your business.    

 Clients must be very careful while choosing their service provider. Toll free phone number Canada is important for the clients who run their business in Canada or targeting Canadian citizens to sell their services or products. Keep the above factors in your mind while choosing the toll free service provider. If your service provider fulfills these criteria then you can opt for their services. These are the must have features for a toll free service. Toll free number services are the interface of an organization to its clients. In the current scenario when the world is tending towards virtual offices, the importance of toll free numbers is astounding.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

How VoIP Work for My Small Business?

Into the present market, clients are not intrigued by the size of your business, nor are they willing to make settles. Put basically, with regards to client administration and correspondence, they couldn't care less how enormous your organization is, they simply expect the best in any case. That is the reason it's so critical to establish an expert connection the first run through a client contacts your association.

One approach to do that is by utilizing a solid business VoIP framework to deal with and oversee calls basically and expertly, without the requirement for capital consumption. This will likewise guarantee that your business shows up as enormous and expert as an organization of some other size, regardless of whether you're workers are based essentially or remotely. Just as furnishing organizations of all sizes with cutting edge communication highlights, VoIP arrangement can likewise be substantially more financially savvy than customary landlines. What is VoIP? Peruse on to discover more.

What is VoIP?  

VoIP represents Voice-over-Internet Protocol – otherwise called 'Web Telephony' or 'IP Telephony' and just alludes to any voice or information correspondence made over the Internet, for the most part utilizing a broadband association. Conventional communication, then again, utilizes a wire-based association. One of the pioneers of VoIP innovation was Skype, which enables clients to make free voice and video brings over the Internet. Skype, be that as it may, isn't a telephone utility, as it can't be utilized to make crisis calls.

VoIP innovation can be utilized in different ways, contingent upon where and how calls are being made, regardless of whether from home, at work, or a virtual office.

The advantages of VoIP incorporate lower cost of proprietorship and support, basic month to month bills, and lower call costs, just as a propelled list of capabilities that can separate independent companies from the challenge.

Does VoIP Work for Small Business? 

Just as offering the majority of the advantages of conventional communication, VoIP offers propelled highlights for independent companies that would have been excessively expensive in the customary communication world. It enables representatives to be reachable from anyplace, insofar as there is a broadband association and enables them to stay gainful any place they are.

Some VoIP highlights, as illustrated beneath, additionally imply that your business will never miss a call again, with inbound calls directed rapidly, effectively and naturally to the perfect individual the first run through around. In the event that that individual is inaccessible in any way, shape or form, VoIP frameworks can reroute calls to the most readily accessible worker. Critically, brings made over the Internet – between VoIP-empowered gadgets – are free.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

VoIP has a greater effect on the client administration and deals groups of a little organization contrasted with huge organizations. Virtual Number, for instance, gives a solitary number to your organization, paying little mind to where your representatives are based, giving the impression of a bigger, fixed-area association.

IVR, in the interim, enables you to deal with the majority of your inbound calls, directing them effectively, guaranteeing that client calls are consistently managed by a suitable individual from the group. What's more, customisable Ring Groups will chase through a set gathering of representatives should the first be inaccessible in any way, shape or form, implying that you will never miss a call.

Phone message, Call Recording, Queuing, Audio and Video Conferencing, Time-based steering, and Music on Hold are only a portion of different advantages that VoIP offers. Taken together, they not just lift your own profitability, VoIP includes likewise upgrade client administration and give an expert impression of an a lot bigger association… also cutting expenses!

Saving Money 

Since VoIP telephones use programming – which can be downloaded to a cell phone, PC or 'softphone', it implies that calls can regularly be produced using existing gadgets. Coupled to the way that there is no equipment required and VoIP administrations are cloud-facilitated, it additionally evacuates the requirement for expensive forthright interest in hardware and its on-going support.

Another bit of leeway of utilizing a VoIP administration is that there is just one, straightforward month to month bill to pay and calls to non-VoIP lines, (for example, Canada, USA, Australia, UK and global calls) are a small amount of the expense of conventional communication.


Versatility is a huge preferred position of VoIP. For whatever length of time that there is an Internet association accessible, workers can make and get calls any place they are, on whatever gadget they are utilizing at the time. It implies that clients and associates are contactable consistently, guaranteeing that calls are never missed, and enquiries are addressed rapidly and proficiently.

Calls can even be moved to associates without requiring the client to dial an alternate number. The utilization of Status guarantees that calls are not mistakenly moved, further improving the proficiency and profitability of your business.


VoIP phone services also offer significant flexibility to a small business. It’s arguably even more important for a start-up or smaller business to be available to their customers and partners at all hours. So, it’s possible to set up rules-based routing for out-of-office hours or change the way calls are handled at peak times, ensuring that there is always someone available to take a call, regardless of their location. Because on-boarding is quick and simple, it’s also possible to instantly add capacity or more employees at times of peak demand or for seasonal purposes – compared to traditional telephony, which would require extra lines being installed at significant time and cost. 

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How to Get a Toll Free Number in Canada |

Each Canadian has heard some variation of this line, be it through TV notices, radio, or notwithstanding understanding it in a paper or a magazine. However, I don’t get it’s meaning? For what reason do organizations use them? Is it true that they are anything but difficult to purchase, and could having a toll free number possibly help your business?
Here we’ll be talking about each one of those focuses. We should talk toll-free!

What exactly does a toll-free number do?

Essentially, a toll-free number is a number that, when called, obliges the beneficiary to pay for the telephone call-not the guest.
This is particularly helpful for organizations, as it permits customers (or potential customers) to call without dreading paying for time spent on hold or conversing with a representative.
For your very own advantage, without toll numbers act solely as business numbers, which implies:
you get the opportunity to keep your own number private, and
at the point when a call comes in to your without toll number, you know it’s for business.

What does a toll-free number look like? Do they all start with 800?

The toll-free numbers that we’ll be examining here are managed by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP for short!). The NANP is a gathering of nations in North America, including Canada, that offer certain general phone numbers – including toll-free numbers!
In any case, it’s essential to take note of that in the event that you call a toll free number situated in another nation however you’re calling from Canada, you may at present bring about global calling charges.
Toll-free numbers, besides 800, can likewise be 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. A lot more numbers are gotten ready for the future to stay aware of the interest and to guarantee an assortment of numbers are accessible.

Are there any unique to Canada?

Some Canadian suppliers take into consideration 310-numbers to be utilized in what is known as a “mutual cost administration”, where the call is free for guests from landlines however here and there not free from mobile phones. Be that as it may, these are a minority of numbers and, for organizations attempting to lure clients to call, may not be your most logical option.

Will a toll-free number in Canada change my business?

As we referenced, toll free numbers in Canada work precisely the same path as toll-free numbers in the U.S., so getting one is more about focusing on socioeconomics than any great change. On the off chance that your business is on either side of the northern outskirt, having a Canadian toll free number just as an American toll free number (and that is conceivable since each MightyCall plan gives various business telephone numbers) can really be an incredible method to channel calls from every nation to amplify your business – you can even make and screen distinctive promotion crusades for Canada and the U.S.!

So how do toll-free numbers actually work?

For the most part, a toll-free number is associated with a particular number, be it individual or corporate. At the point when the toll-free number is dialed, the guest is diverted – once more, complimentary – to the number it has been modified to.
Once in awhile a phone supplier – like MightyCall – take into consideration a “vanity” number. You’ve certainly observed vanity numbers before-numbers like 1-888-345-CATS or 1-888-22-PIZZA. They stick in individuals’ minds and their uniqueness makes them simple to recall. They are adjustable and are as often as possible a highlight of notice battles.

How can your business use a toll-free number?

Several million toll-free numbers are as of now being utilized – and in light of current circumstances! A portion of the advantages include:
Trust: At the point when a client sees 1-800-XXX-XXХX, they quite often partner it with an organization, with official business. By its temperament it can’t be stirred up for an individual number, giving your business a legitimate contact number.
Cooperation: Over clients, toll-free numbers can even assistance your own workers stay in touch when bringing over long-separations. After all, they won’t pay for it!
Messaging: Frequently toll-free numbers likewise have a content alternative, which is helpful for clients who incline toward messaging over calling.
National versus Nearby: While nearby numbers surely have their advantages, a toll-free number is an equivalent across the nation, conceivably enabling your business to appear to be greater than it really is.

Canada Toll-Free Number - Buy Best Toll-Free Services

With the development of technology, the importance of virtual offices and call centers are increasing day by day. In a current cut throat...